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Dick Pieper has devoted a lifetime to mastering the art and language of horsemanship. Known for his ability to keep things simple and easy to understand, Pieper shares his knowledge in The Language of Horsemanship. Using Pieper's clear and concise methods will enable you to learn to speak "horse" and improve all aspects of your horsemanship.

Dick Pieper's credentials speak for themselves. He has won the National Reining Horse Association Futurity, American Quarter Horse Association world championships and Honor Roll titles, and also National Cutting Horse Association titles and awards. Along with his wife Brenda, they have managed one of the most successful performance horse breeding programs in the industry, standing such stallions as Playgun and Texas Kicker.

172 Pages
More than 180 color photos

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Western Horseman

For years, Tim McQuay has been an icon in the reining industry. Aside from his illustrious accomplishments in the show pen, including the recent Championship at the 2008 National Reining Horse Association Futurity, McQuay has also become known as a trainer's trainer. Along with a slew of Non Pro riders who have been successful, including his own daughter, NRHA Million Dollar Rider Mandy McCutcheon, Tim has helped other professionals at all stages of their career to train better, show better, and win more.

Teaching and helping others be their best is something about which McQuay is passionate. But the NRHA $2 Million Rider's vast pool of knowledge has been unavailable except to those lucky enough to train with him. That is, at least, until Tim and his wife, Colleen, teamed up with InfoMedia Video to produce The Art of Reining with Tim McQuay video series.

The five-disc series includes:

      The Turn Around

      The Stop and Rollback

      Circles and Lead Changes

      The Team that Ensures Reining Success

      Reining For Non Pros

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Listen carefully to the revolutionary new bit that has left many speechless. Don’t let the name fool you - this bits speaks volumes - loud and clear - and sets a new standard for reining excellence. It’s a standard that you will recognize - and one that has already been proven - when Jared LeClaire won the 2004 All American Quarter Horse Congress Intermediate Open Futurity with one! The Whisper Bit communicates clearly to the horse and allows guidance and correction without intimidation. It’s forgiving and not intimidating to horses - even when nerves and adrenalin can make hands move a little too fast. Cold hard metal will be merely an aftertaste in your horse’s mouth. In its place is the refreshing feel of a patented plastic formula specially developed for the Whisper Bit. Join the Whisper Bit revolution. You really don’t have to shout!


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Congratulations to Cheryl Magoteaux and Charmayne James for completing Charmayne James on Barrel Racing. Cheryl says she was thrilled to be chosen to write the book with Charmayne and very proud of the finished product.


“It’s a great guide and learning tool,” noted Magoteaux, who co-authored the book with James. She added, “But beyond that, it’s motivating and entertaining. One chapter, The Horses, takes the reader along for a barrel run on each of the horses Charmayne has run, and she even recounts the famous bridle-less run at the NFR!”


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Western Horseman
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